Sweep: Volume 5

by Cate Tiernan
Sweep: Volume 5
Title: Sweep: Volume 5
Publisher: Speak,
Formats: pdf, mobi
Pages: 697
Downloads: Sweep: Volume 5.pdf (5 988 KB), Sweep: Volume 5.mobi (790 KB)

Book 13 — Reckoning
Book 14 — Full Circle
Book 15 — Night's Child

The final Sweep collection! Morgan Rowlands is a blood witch — the last of an unbroken line of ancient and powerful witches. Though her magick is strong and she has done things that others could never dream of, even she cannot begin to explain how different she truly is. And though her soulmate — her one true love — Hunter supports her, he can never understand what it is like. But there is another who knows, more than anyone else, just what Morgan is going through…

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